We are all facing our own challenges in life and some are rather difficult,
Simply take a look at where you are today, look at all that you have achieved and summon all your best efforts to become better tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that. Everyday is a new opportunity to get closer to your goals and to reach the life you want.


All achievement in life, needs preparation. There is no overnight success.
Achieving goals requires being prepared.


if you study all the possible scenarios, you will avoid the surprise simply by anticipation.

Visualize your future actions; this is a work of the mind, a sort of meditation with yourself, a projection of yourself into what you wish to do.


There is no special formula – these visualizations can happen when you do different things and even when you are not prepared for them. This is why you need to write them down.


As your ideas can hit your mind at any given moment, it would be wise to write everything down – and let’s be honest; some of them will only make sense after some time and reflection.

Personally, my visualizations appear when my brain is often focused on something else, for instance when i train at the gym or walk my dog.

I have fallen into a good habit to make notes of them on my phone and gradually, all these gathered visualizations constitute a work of preparation necessary to plan the future real actions.


With a plan, you can strategize your future, which is imperative for the long-term vision of the challenge you are set out to conquer.


You can have the best ideas in the world, the best project on paper, but if you don’t act, nothing is going to happen. The action is no doubt a big step into achievement, either into success or failure.



Your mindset is the guarantor of your longevity, you durability, your reliability and trust in other people.

The best way to identify someone’s mindset it to observe him or her in a situation of big failure or success. For me the right mindset is to accept both failure and success, to embrace them and move forward. No regrets, simply lessons.

In failure you will have to stay fierce, to stay solid, to accept the fact that you have been beaten, by someone else better than you in that given moment, by the elements that surround you, or because you were not good enough.


But listen carefully, beaten one time does not mean that you are Knocked Out. You have to pull yourself together after a failure, in order to understand it, to pick yourself up, to put in another action, a new action, a reaction. From the lesson learned that is.
Always remember the golden rule he who has the gold makes the rules.